House Policies

There is strictly no smoking anywhere within Alannah House.
All guests are invited to use our garden and patio, smoking is permitted in these areas except at breakfast time when smoking is not permitted on the patio.  Persons smoking in the house will be required to leave immediately and charged for their full stay.

Guests must vacate their room by 10am on the final day of their stay and on any other day to allow access for cleaning unless otherwise agreed with owner.

Guests are expressly denied access to the second floor, kitchen and rooms marked private except in an emergency to contact owner.  Guests are asked to have consideration for the owner’s privacy and should knock on doors marked private in a non-emergency if they require help or advice.

Guests must show consideration for others at all times by making as little noise as possible.  Drunken behaviour or  behaviour which causes annoyance to other guests will not be tolerated and guests behaving this way will be required to leave immediately and charged for their full stay.  This applies everywhere within Alannah House building, garden and patio areas.

Guests requiring the use of a phone can use the house land line on request after agreeing an appropriate charge in advance with the owner.

Wi-Fi is available on request when a password will be provided.  Please note wi-fi usage is subject to a fair use policy (available on request).

When available the owner will do guests’ laundry at a cost of £10 a load.

Guests will be informed of the price of their stay prior to commencement.  Any deposit requested should be paid as soon as possible and is non-refundable but will be deducted from final bill.  Alannah House only accepts UK cheques made payable to LYNN FLOOK, UK cash or bank transfer (details on request).  Guests must pay up prior to the end of their stay and a receipt will be provided.  Alannah House is not V.A.T. .registered.

Guests will be charged for any breakages or damage caused to property belonging to Alannah House.

Guests can leave luggage at Alannah House on completion of their stay or prior to the commencement of their stay for later collection at the discretion of the owner.

Breakfast will be served between 8:30am and 9:30am.  Earlier breakfast can be arranged in advance and is at the discretion of the owner.

Alannah House does not have dedicated parking areas.  Guests are offered temporary residents parking permits to allow free parking on Church Street, Parade and Wallace Green in clearly marked residents parking bays on the street only.  Ample free parking is also available on the street and nearby car park but is time restricted.  It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure their vehicles are parked correctly and that the appropriate fee is paid.  Any penalty incurred for illegal parking is the responsibility of the driver.  Guests must return the temporary parking permit prior to departure.

Guests will be provided with a house key which will open their own room’s door and the communal front door.  Guests returning late at night must ensure the front door is fully closed.  Keys must be returned prior to departure.  A £20 charge will be made for any lost keys.

Alannah House has a fully integrated fire alarm system.  In the unlikely event of a fire or the sounding of the fire alarm guests should follow the fire instructions clearly displayed in each room.  The only exit in an emergency is the front door on the ground floor, exit via the back door should only be done if the front door is blocked as it leads only to our walled garden from which there is no further exit.

Guests are invited to use our garden, patio and summerhouse appropriately, children should be supervised at all times and Alannah House accepts no responsibility for damage or injury caused whilst using these areas.  Any damages or breakages caused to items owned by Alannah House within these areas will be charged.

Alannah House cannot accept any pets whatsoever.

Alannah House is a family run business and the owners live on the premises.  As with all family life there will be times when the owners will be not be present in the house. In these circumstance guests already booked in can still use the premises and their rooms as usual whilst respecting the private areas clearly marked.  In these circumstances guests must be mindful of basic security i.e. ensure the front door is fully closed after entering and leaving, not allowing other persons into the house unless they know them to be bone fide guests and to make themselves aware of fire alarm procedures.  Unaccompanied Persons under 18 years of age will not be permitted to stay.