Alannah House - Northumberland Coast PathThe Northumberland Coast Path Passport is a must for walkers. The passport will end up being a treasured possession, a great reminder of all the places you have stopped at or stayed overnight.
Many of the cafes and restaurants, shops and other businesses you will stop at along the way will have their own individual stamp and will stamp your passport for you – they are known as ‘Welcome Ports’, Alannah House is one of these.  We will also provide you with the information about the trail, the weather and public transport.   Some of the businesses will also offer you a discount as a passport holder and most of them will fill up your water bottle for free.

You will need to collect at least two stamps per day to claim your official ‘Northumberland Coast Path Certificate’ at the end of your walk.

Passport packs, including the passport itself, a list of partaking businesses and a certificate order form are available from The Northumberland Coast Path Official Online Shop.

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